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The Discover Island Cruises

The Regal Bahama Cruise


Take a quick break and sail away
from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
The Ship
The Island
Island Attractions
On board Discover Cruise

Cruise for the day or stay with one of our exciting resort packages.

Leaves Fort Lauderdale:
9 :30 am.

You should be at the port 7:00am

Gets to the Bahamas at 1:30 pm

Leaves the Bahamas at 5:15 pm

Gets to Fort lauderdale at
10:30 pm

Welcome aboard Discover Island Cruise

*84.99 Bahamas cruise cheapest, best way to get to the Bahamas For more info call: 954-969-0069

*Taxes not included

Ocean Cruise - Discover Island Cruises: A one day cruise will provides you with the opportunity to enjoy everything a longer cruise offers in one fun-filled day for a fraction of the cost. It's also the best, most economical way to travel to Freeport Grand Bahamas.

Your one day round-trip cruise includes all cruise line service charges and taxes, breakfast and lunch on the trip out to Grand Bahama Island, dinner on your return trip to south Florida, all amenities and free entertainment.

Take a break from work and step right in to paradise beaches, casinos, entertainment, shopping and unlike any other in the Carribean.