Some frequently asked questions, answered

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Do you have cabins?

Standard cabins have one bed. The superior Cabins have 2 beds and are larger than the standard. There are double-bedded cabins, that are the same size as the superior. Suites are the largest of the cabins with either two twin beds or a queen size bed and a small sitting area, refrigerator and either a shower or bathtub. All cabins have private facilities for your comfort and convenience. Check with the agents to see how much the cabins are, they run from about $60. to $95. depending on the cabin, the agent will give you an exact price.

Can I bring luggage on board for overnight stays and 1 day cruises?

You are allowed up to two carry-on items such as purses, attaché/brief cases and/or beach bags. Any luggage on wheels including roll-along suitcases must be checked and will be accessible upon arrival in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. No food may be taken onboard, including canned or frozen items

Can I reserve a table in the dining room in advance?

Table reservations may be made for deluxe dining only. Just call 954-969-0069 and ask one of our agents to upgrade you to Deluxe dining for a small fee.

Are alcoholic beverages included in the fare?

No. coffee, tea and milk are provided with each meal service.

May we change to our bathing suits in the restrooms?

There are public restrooms that may be used for chaning but it is not recomended, However, you can ask one of our agents to hold a cabin for you for a fee, ask the agent how much the fee is. All cabins have beds and bathroom facilities.

May I use traveler's checks on board ship?

Traveler's checks may be cashed on board at the purser's desk.

Do you have an ATM machine on board ship?

ATM machines are located in the ship's lobby and Casino.

Is there a show on the cruise?

Our show with live entertainment is presented on the return portion of the cruise. Caribbean music is played on our top deck, and our band in the international lounge plays a variety of music. You can dance to: rock, popular old melodies, Caribbean rhythm, and salsa. On our top deck we have disco music playing.

Would I be able to store my insulin on board ship?

Our infirmary on board will assist in storing medication. You may also bring a small hand held cooler to store medication and we will provide you with ice if necessary.

Are there non-smoking areas aboard ship?

Yes, we have non-smoking sections in public areas, including The Starlite Showroom. Dining rooms are completely non-smoking.

Will I receive a refund if I do not use my deluxe dining ticket?

Yes, if your deluxe dinner coupon is still attached to your ticket.

Are kosher meals available for sale on board?

Kosher meals and available for dinner and are served in our Grand Bahama Grill dining room for a $25 charge per person. Reservations for kosher meals must be made 72 hours prior to sailing.

Are there any duty free shops in Freeport?

Yes, duty free shopping is available in Freeport and aboard the ship. Full advantage may be taken for passengers who stay over night for 48 hours or longer.

Are the shops open in Freeport on Sunday and holidays?

On holidays some straw market vendors and the gift shop on board the ship are always open. However, the majority of the shops in Freeport are closed on Sundays and holidays.

What type of currency is accepted on Freeport, Grand Bahama Island?

U.S. dollars are accepted by everyone. You will not need to exchange any currency.

May I use my cellular phone on board ship?

Cell phones are generally out of reach after departure, but ,depending upon your service provider, may work in Grand Bahama. For your convenience public satellite phones are available onboard.

How can we find out about the seas or what the weather is today?

We suggest you call the national weather channel or television station for up to date information. You may also get the weather from here .

Are wheel chair accessible taxis available to transport us from the ship in Grand Bahama?

Mini Vans are available to transport passengers from the ship in Grand Bahama. However, should you wish to arrange transportation designed to accommodate wheelchairs, we suggest that you arrange this prior by calling Expert Travel at 1-242-351-4004 or

What is my US Customs Duty Free Allowance?

For the latest information, we recommend that you visit the US Customs Website at:

What Travel Documents are required?

American citizens born in the U.S. require a valid passport, accompanied by a valid photo ID. U.S. permanent resident aliens must present their non-expired alien resident card accompanied by a valid passport. Canadian citizens require either a Canadian passport or a Canadian citizenship ID accompanied by a valid Canadian photo ID. All other travelers must have valid passports from their country of origin in conjunction with a multiple entry U.S visa and if necessary a Bahamian visa, please check with your nearest Bahamian Consulate.

More on Passports and Visas

British Subjects from the United Kingdom and colonies and Canadian citizens may enter The Bahamas as vistors without passports or visas, for periods not exceeding three weeks. For longer stays, passports are required. United States citizens travelling on regularly scheduled airlines are pre-cleared through US Customs and Immigration at Nassau International Airport. Proof of citizenship is required. Transit without visas is allowed to nationals of the Dominican Republic. Citizens of the following countries require passports but no visas: Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Lichtenstien, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Turkey. Citizens of the following countries require passports, but no visas for stays of three months or less: Austria, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Finland, the Republic of Ireland, Israel, the Republic of Korea, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. For longer stays, visas are required. Citizens of the following countries require passports, but no visas for stays not exceeding 14 days: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, South Africa,Republic of Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay, and Venezuela. For longer stays, visas are required. Citizens of the following countries require passaports and visas to enter The Bahamas for any purpose: Dominican Republic (except in transit), Haiti, and all Communist countries. Nationals of all other countries are asked to check entry requirements with the Immigration Department, P. O. Box N-831, Nassau, The Bahamas. Tel. (242) 322-7530Is it safe in Grand Bahama Island? Yes the local government along with the Bahama Isalnd people know that the tourists are important for the livelihood of Grand Bahama Island, so they go all out to make it very safe for you and the rest of the tourists

Is it safe in Grand Bahama Island?

Yes. The local government along with the Bahama Isalnd people know that the tourists are important for the livelihood of Grand Bahama Island, so they go all out to make it very safe for you and the rest of the tourists

Am I likly to have fun on this cruise?

Yes.You will probably relax too.